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Electric Car Project

Electric Vehicles

After an initial period of study, design, construction and engineering prototypes, in the second half of 2010 Cecomp signed with a subsidiary of Bolloré’s first contract for the production of a FULLY ELECTRIC CAR. The first cars produced and delivered by our company to the customer Bolloré were intended for car sharing service of the municipality of Paris.

Since then the relationship with the Bolloré Group has strongly consolidated. Cecomp are made all the early prototypes destined for world markets: Anglophone area RHD (version DAD), United States (version Indy), summer spider (version Bluesummer), compact van for business fleets for use in urban areas (French Post Office ).

The car sharing service of the electric car has been extended to other cities (Bordeaux, Lyon, London, Indianapolis, Singapore, Rome).

To CECOMP great pleasure the Bolloré Group has finally reached an agreement also TOWN OF TURIN to develop the service electric car. E ‘provided for the supply of a first batch of 400 cars and 400 columns for charging the vehicles. The first cars will be delivered in March 2016, and the supply will finalize in December this year. Of course the bodies of the cars will be manufactured in factories CECOMP La Loggia and Piobesi.

Veheicles Produced

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