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Style models & Show cars

Modelli e show cars

CECOMP can count on more than 30 years of experience in the creation of all types of style models and boasts successful projects with top OEMs, worldwide..

Depending on the specific requirements, models can be made in different types of materials or combinations of the same.

CECOMP has 4 reserved-access facilities, each of which is equipped with offices and services available to the Customer, who is therefore able to follow the work performed by the team in full confidentiality.

Depending on the needs of the project and the operating procedures required, different types of activity are combined (machining, manual refinement, 3D scanning, CAS modelling…)  to achieve the expected results in the most efficient way possible.

The type and quality of the finishes are able to meet all requirements at each stage of development:

  • 1:1 and scale models
  • Interior/exterior models / mock-ups
  • Master models of interior and exterior style (to check the quality of  “A-class” surfaces, namely the three-dimensional data needed for production tooling)
  • Static, functional or running Show Cars
  • “One-off” fully running vehicles (unique approved vehicles)

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