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Sheet metal stamping

Sheet Metal Stamping

CECOMP has extensive capability for small and large series development, tooling and production, using different types of sheet metal (steel, HSS and aluminum).

Staring from the 3D CAD of the sheet metal part, the entire production process is developed, tooled, refined and validated. If required, dies and tools can be produced for the Customer.

The expertise and experience involved in forming by means of manual hammering, is accompanied by the most sophisticated tools in the CAD department, metrological equipment, 7 hydraulic and 4 mechanical presses, 4 laser-cutting machines (2D and 3D) and a dedicated assembly workshop; together, these elements enable CECOMP to achieve the highest level of competitiveness and quality present in today’s market.

The company is also able to supply one-off finished parts, assembled subgroups or compete bodies, both as unique pieces or in small series production, supplied “just in time” to the Customer’s plants.

  • Manually hammer-formed and pre-production prototypes (obtained using low-cost/time presses)
  • Pre-production and small series batches
  • Parts for mass production
  • Complete BIW (small series)
  • Car assembly for small series.


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