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Quality and R&D


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The CECOMP name is a guarantee of safe and reliable services, of properly tested technologies, in compliance with international standards.

Since 2002, CECOMP has been certified IS0 9001:2008  for the development and manufacture of models, prototypes and tooling.

In 2012, it obtained ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification as well for the production/assembly of sheet metal parts and complete vehicles (vehicle manufacturer).

CECOMP was awarded for “Innovation Excellence in 2012”, in the latest edition of the study conducted by Osservatorio delle Imprese Innovative (survey on innovative companies), on behalf of Turin’s Chamber of Commerce.

Research & Development


Over the years CECOMP has continued its research and development and has focused its efforts creating network on deemed particularly innovative projects:

Innovative diesel engine applications (iDEA)

The acronym identifies one of the projects of industrial research and experimental development made with the so-called “Innovative platforms” in the automotive industry. The project, whose leader was  General Motors Powertrain Europe, involves CECOMP and other primary companies in the sector such as FEV Italy, in addition to the Politecnico di Torino.

Eco-vehicles for commercial use (i-Next) for last mile logistics

The project is part of a research program promoted and financed at European level, entitled “Smart Cities”.

The goal of the research project, coordinated by CNR-ITAE, shall be directed towards the development of eco-commercial vehicles of small size, suitable for the distribution of goods in urban areas characterized by limited traffic areas (ZTL), internal roads very narrow and congested traffic conditions.

Electric quad “light” for mixed use (Rickshaw)

The light quadricycle, normed within the European Union, has a global relevance as a possible solution to urban vehicular congestion, with particular reference to those with electric propulsion. Such a vehicle, in the research and development lines of Horizon 2020, was explicitly referred to as a “Specific Challenge”.

The quadricycle, according to the Italian Highway Code, shall be treated as any motorized vehicle or tricycle despite having four wheels and is classified in the category “L”.

For the realization of this project it was set up in 2014 a temporary association (ATS) called A.I.P.A of which CECOMP is the parent company; the company is formed by ACTUA, ALL DESIGN, ITALTECNICA and ARCHIMEDE ENERGIA. The project for the part of the study and design was completed in the first half of 2015.

Model road sports cars, high performance and technological content

In the course of 2015 it was realized the prototype of a marching car named “Vulcano” with a body made by hand entirely in naked titanium (not painted).

The use of such material for CECOMP is a great challenge because in making prototypes and one-off have been historically used traditional materials (steel, aluminum, various types of fiber such as carbon, Kevlar, etc.). The goal was to look for a material so far used in the automotive industry with high performance physical and mechanical characteristics: high mechanical properties, low weight-strength ratio, high resistance to corrosion, high biocompatibility and, not least, aesthetic beauty also connected to the color of the metal. 



In its development plan, CECOMP places the utmost attention on environmental sustainability. Following an important investment made in 2010, CECOMP is currently the “greenest” company in the industrial district of La Loggia and “self-produces” about 50% of the electric power needed by its local operations through a PV system.