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Technologies and departments


The department cutters has a total of 23 centers numerical control milling divided into two different areas, one for metal working (cast iron, steel, aluminum), and the other for the processing of polymeric resins.


Model Shop

With 8 independent fully-equipped workshops for the development of styling models CECOMP offer independent, controlled access, office with work stations and peripherals used only by a dedicated project team and the Customer.



CECOMP has 2 independent painting areas, each one equipped with preparation and spraying cabins. Through controlled accesses, the paint oven and color preparation center can be reached.


The interior/exterior trim department can source/manufacture and install a complete set of solutions for the internal and/or external trim of the vehicles, able to meet the specific requirements of each project



CECOMP has an internal department featuring dedicated equipment and a team of experts able to meet any type of request in terms of material (leather, fabric, foam, wood, ….), connection, surface treatment.


Press Shop - Hammerform

Through its 2 workshops, fitted with a total of 15 presses (hydraulic and mechanical up to 1,200 t), CECOMP is able to perform checking and set-up of dies and series production of sheet-metal parts (steel, HSS, aluminum), for small/medium volumes

Laser Cut

CECOMP combines traditional blanking (lengths or sheet metal parts) with the flexibility of laser cutting with 9 high speed machines



Over the years, CECOMP has developed the capability to study, engineer, build and certify whole vehicles, in the form of both test mules/prototypes and as unique samples, that are fully operational and meet the technical/functional specifications requested.



CECOMP has an internal metrological department, able to support and control all design stages, by means of 3D product and equipment measurement and through the three-dimensional scanning (photograms) of models/parts/subgroups with a view to the reverse engineering of the same.