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Press shop – Hammer forming

Press Shop - Hammerforming

Through its 2 workshops, fitted with a total of 15 presses (hydraulic and mechanical up to 1,200 t), CECOMP is able to perform:

  1. Checking and set-up of dies
  2. Series production of sheet-metal parts (steel, HSS, aluminum), for small/medium volumes.

Moreover, thanks to the synergy with laser-cutting machines (2D and 3D), it is able to supply fully manufactured parts ready to be assembled on the production line.

CECOMP manages the entire process independently: from the study of the cycle to the design of tooling, from the construction and fine-tuning of tooling to the “just-in-time” supply of parts or sub-groups to the Customer’s plants.

Depending on requirements, the whole process can be developed or just some of its stages (for example: the receipt of the tools, the testing/optimization of the same, the product of parts).

One of the unique features of CECOMP’s operations, today something rare at international level, is a team of specialized craftsmen who manually hammer form sheet metal, using all of the necessary tools and machines and in full synergy with the other departments (milling, engineering, laser-cutting etc.).

This means that metal parts (steel, aluminium) can be made very quickly and with minimum investment, with characteristics similar to those of production lines; this is extremely useful both in projects to develop new vehicle models, in the production of one-off vehicles and in the restoration of historic vehicles.

  • new vehicle model development (early sampling)
  • functional style models
  • show-cars
  • one-offs
  • restoration of historic vehicles